Concern America’s

Artisan Marketplace

Concern America’s Artisan Marketplace invites the participation of our supporters and community to consume in a meaningful way, connect to our work in the field, and support the craftspeople from the areas where we work (alongside our other program initiatives in the region).

About Concern America

Concern America is a globally focused non-profit organization working in materially impoverished regions. Building on the insight, knowledge, strength and resilience of the community members, we provide support and resources as they work to improve their own lives by building capacity in health care, clean water, education, and income-generation projects.

Income Generation for Artisans by Shopping Ethically

How can you help to change a whole economic system to break the cycle of poverty? You bring people like artisans, who historically have not been invited inside, to have a seat at the table.

Where you live should not determine IF you live and bringing reliable income to the doorsteps of artisans living in a remote communities can be both life-changing and life-saving.

We believe in:

Preservation of Culture
Stewardship with Artisans
Transformation from Within
Fair Value and Integrity


Concern America’s craft program began as a way to uphold our mission of investing in community members and groups where we work, echoing the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to addressing material poverty. By securing financial stability for artisans, we can help create a positive impact on their livelihoods, their families, and their communities by transforming need into self-sufficiency.


The mission of Concern America’s Artisan Marketplace is to connect our own supporters to fair-trade artisan cooperatives, many of whom are women-owned or indigenous-owned in the regions we work, in order to support their cooperatives long-term, helping them to build collective power to address the needs of their communities, create self-sufficiency, and transform their livelihoods. At the core of this work is the belief of ensuring the artisans’ knowledge, weaving, and craft work is not lost but passed down from generation to generation.