Our Work in Colombia

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Concern America has trained 90 community members to provide health and environmental health services to a population of 20,000. The program is located in the isolated, war-torn region of Chocó, in the northwest of Colombia. Connected by the Atrato River and its many tributary river basins, the communities located in this vastly rural and forested region are continually caught between and severely affected by the numerous armed factions operating there. The civil war, material poverty, and a broken governmental health system have led to a severe health care crisis, where many live as far as 10 hours of difficult travel from the nearest health center.

Beginning in 2004, the program has trained over 90 Health Promoter Practitioners and Midwives, including those receiving specialized training in women’s health, dental health, and environmental health, working with the program and providing health care, health education, and sanitation measures to their communities. Over 20,000 people receive health services in 40 rural communities, the majority of which are Afro-Colombian and Indigenous, including Embera, Waunnan, and Senue communities.

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