Economic Opportunities

“The same families remain a part of the cooperative, and we keep motivating each other to be involved. It’s been especially meaningful that we are teaching the younger generation these skills.”


Why is fair-trade so important?

The global economic climate is one which prioritizes mass production and cheap prices, often exploiting artisans with low wages and unsafe working conditions.

Fair trade means artisans are fully compensated for their time, skills, and artesanías at prices they set themselves. For many, these skills are part of indigenous traditions passed down through generations.

Cooperative members, of which many are women and/or indigenous peoples, achieve financial stability through gainful, safe, and dignified work, enabling families and communities to stay together and achieve a better living at home, in their own villages.

Our Approach

Concern America’s craft program began as a way to uphold our mission of investing in community members and groups where we work. By building stronger economic foundations, we can help create a positive impact on their livelihoods, their families, and their communities and transform need into self-sufficiency.

Transformation from Within

When a family has a more sustainable income, they will have the economic security to cover needs such as access to health, education, job training, etc. for their communities. Profits made from the Artisan Marketplace are reinvested back into the communities where we work.

Honoring Culture & Technique

We honor the skills and history of the artisan groups, respecting their traditions and creativity. We support the long history of the artisans’ regional art techniques and weaving practices.

Stewardship with Artisans

We are committed to supporting the work of our artisan partners, strengthening our partnership by letting them share their own stories of perseverance and hope. We recognize we have a responsibility to keep their history, words, culture and traditions alive.


Hear the impact of this work

Cooperative members are also leaders, and they have initiated and supported other efforts to improve their communities including a center for children needing psychological support, clean drinking water through home water filters, sustainable agriculture, educational opportunities for women, and so much more.

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