“The communities saw that it was necessary to take the education system into their own hands, because no one was going to do it for them.”


Why Education?

Most of the school-age population in the communities where Concern America works is unable to attend school, and existing opportunities are often not in their native languages. Only 25% of children and youth in the region reached a fourth grade level of education.

All training, from health to water filters, uses popular education methods. Materials are accessible and applicable, and the courses include hands-on activities based in the communities’ experience.

Our Approach

Education is the cornerstone of Concern America’s work. The training of environmental health promoters, midwives, health promoter practitioners, teachers, artisans, and so many more community leaders brings transformational change from within, transforming need into self-sufficiency.

Community-Led Education

Community-created materials that share the local histories and experiences in the indigenous languages of the region.

Indigenous-Led School Systems

We support indigenous-led school systems, run by the communities themselves and serving a total of 4,500 students.

Multiplying Knowledge and Skills

Community members are trained with the intention that they themselves will become the trainers, passing along the skills and knowledge and building up strong local teams.


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How to Teach Health

Concern America has developed a dynamic, 24-book training series of teacher guides and student workbooks, How To Teach Health, in order to make its comprehensive and community-centered Practitioner model more accessible to other programs.

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An open-source digital library produced by the community members with whom Concern America works

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