“It’s not about just creating a water system, it’s about everything else that happens in the process.”


Why Water?

Access to clean water is lifesaving, improving an entire community’s health while giving them a chance to explore other educational or economic opportunities rather than sourcing, collecting, and purifying water.

Our Approach

We partner with community members to develop their own solutions, lead projects, and build their skills as they maintain water systems, delivering water to isolated regions using appropriate technologies. ℹ️

Ceramic Filters

Home-based ceramic water filters considerably reduce many of the diseases caused by the consumption of contaminated water.

These certified ceramic water purification filters eliminate bacteria and pathogens by slow filtration.

In addition, the colloidal silver in the cartridge kills all microorganisms that manage to pass through, having a 99.99% disinfection and purification rate.

Community Water Systems

A community water system, constructed of pipelines from the source to storage tanks, moves water directly to each family’s house.

A lack of potable water is life-threatening and affects an entire community.

A community water system benefits multiple families and allows people to seek educational or economic opportunities rather than sourcing and purifying water. 

Rainwater Harvesting

A sustainable way to source and harvest water for those living in dry areas with no access to a public water supply.

Rainwater is free and life-sustaining for rural communities.

Harvesting rainwater directly from rooftops and stored in cement reservoirs is an affordable application that is simple to build and helps mitigate water supply problems.


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By investing in and training community members in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia, we support communities to build their own tools for resilience.


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