Make a difference today!

With your support, we bring change by leading community-centered programs in materially impoverished areas of Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico together with the people themselves.

Ways to Give

How you can get involved with Concern America:

Each year, our sustaining group of donors gives $120,000 a year, mostly from gifts of only $25-$100 per month. Sign up to be one of these monthly donors!

Concern America’s international programs are supported by Field Team Members, paid volunteers who live and work in the communities for a minimum of two years.

Do you have a birthday coming up, but don’t need any gifts? Want another reason to gather with friends for a dinner party? A number of supporters have held Concern fundraisers with their friends and family. We can even help you set-up an online page connected to our website for your efforts or provide you with materials for your gathering.

Each year, Concern America sells its fair trade craft items at more than 100 locations in California and around the country. Sign up to volunteer and work first-hand to support cooperatives of families working to improve their communities.

You could be one of more than 100 individuals and groups that host a Fair Trade Craft Sale to support Concern America and the cooperatives with which we collaborate. Everything is provided for you to host a sale at your home, church, school, or community event.

Have a car you want out of your driveway? Donating your vehicle to Concern America is fast and easy and converts your old car, running or not, into a monetary donation to Concern and a tax deduction for you. Simply visit this site or call (866) 398-4483 and list Concern America as your charity of choice.

Looking to promote your business in the community. Sponsor one of our events and let the community know that your business has a “Global Heart.”

Double the value of your tax-deductible donation by asking your company if they have a matching gifts program. Send your company’s matching gift form along with your donation by mail to PO Box 1790, Santa Ana, CA 92702.

Retirees typically need to pay income tax on withdrawals from traditional IRA retirement accounts. However, those over 70 who directly transfer their IRA withdrawals of up to $100,000 to a qualified charity will not owe income tax on the distribution. A win-win for you and for Concern America!

One way to give to Concern America is by donating stocks. Donating investments, especially highly appreciated ones, can be a triple benefit: you can avoid paying the capital gains tax by donating the security directly to Concern, we receive the full value, and the total amount is eligible for a tax deduction for you. It’s a win-win-win! Simply contact us with any questions and for our account information for this simple process.

We invite you to be a founding member of our Global Hearts Community, a special group of supporters who commit to include Concern America in their estate planning. A moving way in which many honor their lives and good fortune is to dedicate a portion of their estates to causes that they believe in. The benefits of charitable bequests are many; from reducing the tax burden on your estates to knowing that your legacy gifts will continue to help change lives for the better well into the future.