About Us

Concern America is a globally focused non-profit organization that has worked in materially impoverished regions since 1972.

By transforming need into self-sufficiency, we seek to bring health care, clean water, education, and income opportunities to communities worldwide.

To transform need into self-sufficiency

Health care, clean water, education, and economic opportunity for every community worldwide

Our Approach

Concern America is invited by local groups and organizations who are actively working to create change in their communities. They identify their needs, and together we create long-lasting solutions to overcome the barriers caused by living in material poverty.

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to ending material poverty; there is no easy answer. However, we know that any effective solution is rooted in a community’s greatest resource: its people.

Community Led + People Centered

We want to ensure that all have access to health care, clean water, education, and economic opportunities. Our community-led model transforms need into self-sufficiency. Rather than solely inserting funds for temporary fixes, we invest in the people themselves, supporting and training community members to be their own health care providers, teachers, water system builders, and cooperative business owners.

Health Care

Concern America-trained health promoter practitioners and midwives bring health care to regions without access, provided by community members they trust.

Clean Water

Access to clean water is lifesaving, and can improve an entire community’s health and well-being by reducing water-related illnesses and strengthening community organization.


Concern America uses popular education methods as well as trains education promoters to make learning more accessible and materials that reflect the local languages and cultures.

Economic Opportunities

By purchasing from fair trade cooperatives, Concern America supports artisans who are working together to build stronger economic foundations.

Our Roots

Since our beginning in 1972, Concern America’s vision has been to build health care, clean water, education, and economic opportunities with communities worldwide.

We have worked in fifteen countries on four continents, making a difference in the lives of over two million people in remote regions that lack access to these essential services. Throughout our history, we have accompanied people affected by armed conflict, displacement, material poverty, and rural isolation.

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