Over our 50 years, Concern America has worked alongside community members to address a myriad of challenges stemming from material poverty such as the lack of access to health care, clean water to drink, education, and economic opportunities.

Our community-led approach builds capacity for people to address the issues they identify as most important, including delivering immediate access to health services, clean water, and education provided by their own community members, and local, cooperative businesses.

The results are seen, felt, and shared immediately. With your help, we can double our impact over the next 10 years so that every community can create their own change.

How You Can Support This Change

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Every Amount Helps

Your support helps people living in remote regions without access to health care, often coupled by other challenging situations. Community members then build capacity for change now and create resilience for the next generation. Your donation at any amount has a huge effect.


Cost of a stethoscope/ otoscope for a health promoter practitioner


Cost to provide a family with a filter, securing clean water for 3 years


Cost to build a fuel-efficient improved stove for a family


Cost of medical training per year for a health promoter practitioner


Cost to bring clean water to a family for 20 years through a village water system


Cost for full training for a health promoter practitioner who cares for an entire village


Cost to trains 25 midwives who care for 100 mothers and their newborns each year


Cost to support a nurse, doctor, engineer, or teacher, impacting 35,000 people

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Thank you for helping people in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia create a self-sufficient future!

Because of you, we’ve raised $377,345 so far out of our $500,000 goal!