Over the last six years, you may have seen the familiar, smiling faces of a group of friends that have volunteered together at local Concern America events. As they begin a new chapter in their lives, we’d like to highlight these recent high school graduates by asking them about their time at Concern. 

What did you do at Concern America and for how long?

Kahlo: I started at birth because my parents work there. I have been part of volunteering at all kinds of events like the Walk Out of Poverty and Auction. Greeting people and all kinds of aspects of being part of the events.

Rosamond: I got introduced to Concern through Kahlo, so I think I started volunteering there which was around 6th grade, which would make this my 6th year volunteering with Concern. I just helped out with any local events and did whatever I could to make the events as seamless as possible.

Madeleine: I’ve been volunteering with Concern for 6 years, since 6th grade. I learned about Concern through Kahlo, so that was really cool. I just help with events around the area and helped with the Walk, Auction, Summer Celebration. It’s been fun.

Arly: I started volunteering also in 6th grade because of Kahlo. Helping with setting up things at the end of the walk and Summer Celebration.

What is your favorite part of volunteering?

Kahlo: My favorite part about volunteering is just that not only do I get to work with amazing people and volunteers that Concern really brings in a lot of good people, but also the fact that we are doing it for a good cause. You can see the results happen and they are fun events, we are not just working hard but that we get to be a part of the change as volunteers.

Rosamond: I really love going to the events and hearing all the work that Concern is doing. Getting to those personal stories from field volunteers or whoever is speaking that night. It is really touching and reminds me that I am using my life for a good purpose by volunteering.

Madeleine: My favorite part is knowing that I am helping support a cause that means something to so many people around the world and that it is making a positive impact around the world, because we just need to spread positivity!

Arly: My favorite part is all of the people that come together to make positive change. All the people that are welcoming and loving and I feel like we are making a change in this world, and that something that I really love about Concern.

What are your next steps in life?

Arly: My next step is that I will be attending Chapman University in the fall and I’ll be majoring in Biology.

Madeleine: I’ll be attending CSUF in the fall as a Dance major.

Rosamond: I’ll be attending the University of Washington in the fall as a Biology major.

Kahlo: I’ll be attending Vanderbilt University in the fall with a Special Education major.

What is one of the things you love doing outside of school, volunteering etc.?

Rosamond: I love spending time with my family, it’s been especially nice during quarantine in this time of isolation to reconnect with my family because since school gets busy you don’t really see them that often so it’s been really fun to experience life with my family.

Madeleine: I love getting to spend the evenings to do family dinners with my family. They are an entire event by themselves, it’s fun because we don’t really do them during the school year so that’s been very positive during the quarantine. I also love spending time with my friends and dancing!

Arly: I love spending time with my family and nephew who’s growing up. I love spending time being at home and resting because now that I think of it we did a lot during the school year, and it just blows my mind thinking that we would go right to doing homework after dance. So I just really enjoy spending this time with my family and myself.

Kahlo: I like spending time with friends and family and being able to laugh or do simple things like going for a walk or doing a puzzle, just slowing down has been really nice.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor and why?

Madeleine: Mint Chip because it’s minty and it’s chocolatey and it can be fun colors at times. You can never choose just one because they are all spectacular.

Arly: My favorite is Cookies and Milk, not Cookies and Cream, Ben and Jerry’s cookies and milk. It’s really delicious and I  can finish a whole pint by myself which I have done during this quarantine.

Rosamond: My favorite is Birthday Cake, which I know is very unpopular, but it reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of the beach, it’s a nostalgic taste. I know it’s not the best, and I’ve had better ice cream flavors but it is so nostalgic to me so I love it.

Kahlo: Mine is Cookies and Cream or Jamocha Almond Fudge, i know that was two, but I love cookies and ice cream, so together it is even more delicious and Jamocha Almond Fudge has the crunch and coffee-ness and it is beautiful.

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