In the first two months of the year we continued with the health workshops and community presentations on the new water filters and why it is necessary to take care of our water.

We stopped these workshops starting in March because of the emergence of the Coronavirus and due to the need to provide essential information to all of the communities on what to do to prevent the virus and if there are cases in the community.

We also knew that the communities were going to close, and some had already done this, so we had to hurry to be able to reach all of them.

We made plant remedies to treat the symptoms of this virus and we distributed acetaminophen to all the communities with the promoters, including a small first-aid kit to be able to support them. What we are seeing is that there are cases but for now, thankfully, all have been similar to flu-like symptoms. As well, because of our community organizing and having promoters in all of the communities, all of the assumed COVID-19 [as there is no testing in the region] patients and any spread have all been well controlled.

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