This year has been quite strange so far, starting with a lot of work in January and February with the schools. I had a music workshop with those in charge of multiplying the lessons by taking the materials to the regions and secondary schools.

After the workshop with the elder musicians in the region, it was agreed that the best way for the music lessons to reach all the regions was not to do a single workshop in each region with 1 or 2 participants from the area, but rather to send materials that I had prepared for “distance” classes, held in each high school so that it reaches more students. This is difficult, so we started it in regions where they already have teachers who already know a lot about music and that is why they can reproduce the workshops. It was an experiment to see how this new method for the music workshops turned out.

Due to the pandemic, everything related to education in the region was reorganized. We cannot enter the communities for now, as no one from outside is allowed in for safety reasons. Therefore, it was very fortuitous to have already given and practiced these audiovisual materials so that they can continue moving forward on their own in their communities. We learn from this and further improve how to continue to reach everyone with music education.

With the appearance of COVID-19, we had decided to create materials with information about the virus, prevention, what’s happening in the rest of the world, how it affects us here, and how to best isolate ourselves for containment. The schools then could distribute the materials for both students and the rest of the community.

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