We want to take a moment to thank MPowered for their donation of Luci Lights to the work of Concern America.

Over the past 5 years health promoter practitioners and midwives in Guatemala and Colombia have been able to count on Luci Lights to help suture machete wounds, repair tendons, receive and support mothers with complicated deliveries, and attend to patients in the night where there is no electricity.

The people at MPowered have engineered Luci lights to be a go-to way for our field personnel to access light when they are without electricity. Having access to Luci Lights has meant 100s of people being able to provide care when needed. The majority of the lights have lasted in some communities for over 2 years, despite the difficult climate. The lights have not only helped our projects in Latin America but also locally, as an organization, we have been able to use the Luci Lights when setting up for our Walk Out of Poverty to light the way at 5 am for over 750 walkers to help raise funds for our fieldwork.

Thank you to our friends at MPowered for their collaboration and their innovative technology!

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