With Field Volunteer Julia’s support, we had the opportunity to provide the team with information regarding the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR.

The Environmental Health team has been able to learn and perfect first aid techniques such as in cases of drowning. The team then shares these teachings in the communities, and they have been very well received by students, teachers, and the population in general.

The decision to take this topic to schools comes because the team has observed the frequency with which disasters occur in communities because they do not have basic information on what to do in case of respiratory arrest or drowning.

Several months ago, Julia shared the case of a child who choked on a rambutan seed and tragically died because the family could not find help in time to save him. A short time later, Environmental Health team member Alba shared a case of a drowned teenager. Nobody knew the procedures of how to help someone with asphyxia by submersion. In this case, the boy’s friends managed to get him out of the lagoon. Despite the fact that a large number of people from the community arrived quickly, nobody was able to apply first aid.

As a result of these accidents, we decided that this was an important lesson to share in schools; not only with the traditional groups of students at a primary level, but especially with students of the higher levels and teachers. Mothers of the community were also invited to observe and participate in the activity.

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