Our Work

Concern America Grows Its Global Heart by working in materially-impoverished communities in Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico. We tap into a community’s greatest resource — the people themselves — to help improve their lives. At the request of local organizations, we work with the communities to identify most pressing needs and develop local solutions.

Our dedicated volunteers train local community members to be their own healthcare providers, water system builders, cooperative business members, and teachers. Because we are committed to long-term development and sustainability, our field volunteers spend a minimum of two years working with those communities. Learn about how to become a Field Volunteer here.”

Learn more about the requirements and how to get involved by visiting our “Become a Field Volunteer” page!

Our Focus

Where We Work

Concern America works in the most isolated communities in the following regions:


In Colombia, Concern America has trained 90 community members to provide health and environmental health services to a population of 20,000.


Currently, Concern America has 4 field volunteers working with 400 trained community members, serving a population of 180,000 in Petén, Guatemala.