"The teacher is no longer merely the-one-who-teaches, but one who is him/herself taught in dialogue with the students, who in turn while being taught also teach. They become jointly responsible for a process in which all grow." --Paulo Freire

This quote from Brazilian educator Paulo Freire describes Concern America’s approach to community development and education. Beginning in the home office environment and extending to the implementation of Field Programs and the structure of the courses, all are participants in a dialogue for change. 

Concern America’s Social Justice Education activities include:

Developing a Heart that Yearns for Justice
The annual, three-day seminar explores the transformative themes of community building, global justice, and spirituality.

Education Nights
These informal gatherings are opportunities for the community to discuss a variety of themes, often including guest speakers, videos, and/or reflections. 

Walk Out of Poverty
The Walk Out of Poverty is a 5-mile walk that gathers hundreds of our southern California community in support of our global one. We offer an engaging presentation to groups that connect the realities of the economically impoverished of our world, Concern America’s work with these communities, and ways for our local community to get involved.

Infusion Methodology Workshop
The "Infusion Methodology" workshop promotes ways to bring more peace and justice education into classrooms.  Designed for school faculties, teachers learn to "infuse" such concepts into their curriculum without changing the content. To schedule a workshop, please call Concern America.

Setting the Table
Are you interested in engaging your friends and family in a conversation about global poverty and ways to address these issues and to fundraise for Concern America?  Host a meal with your friends and we can provide you with tools to begin this discussion. Click HERE to download a powerpoint presentation on Concern America's Setting the Table program (11.3 mb) or contact the home office at 1-800-CONCERN (266-2376).

Lending Library
Concern America’s home office library of social justice publications is available to borrow. To obtain a list of titles, schedule a visit with Concern America, and/or to discuss social justice education possibilities with your group, please CONTACT the Concern America office.