Developing a Heart that Yearns for Justice, formerly known as Training for Transformation, is a three-day workshop on Community Building, Global Justice, and Spirituality, providing a space that develops practical methods to incorporate those themes into our lives.  Based on the popular education model developed by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, the seminar looks at ways to build participatory democracy and civil society rooted in the values of cooperation, justice, trust, mutual respect, and concern for the common good.  Participants of diverse professional and spiritual backgrounds can participate individually or as a team with others from their workplace, school, etc.

Advanced Education Workshops
For those interested in delving deeper into the themes explored in the "Developing a Heart that Yearns for Justice" seminars, advanced trainings are available:

Paulo Friere
This workshop takes a closer look at the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and his popular educationalbeliefs. Though he worked predominantly with economically deprived and textually illiterate adults in developing countries. His concept of liberating education has a powerful potential for revolutionary change in any context.

Team Building
This workshop is based on the belief that organizations with team-centered administrative structures promote healthy and energized environments which are better able to respond to the needs of both their members and constituents. Participants in the advanced Team Building workshop are challenged to further explore the meanings and possibilities of "team" in their organizations through a lens of social justice.