How to Teach About Health – Cómo Enseñar Sobre La Salud

Concern America brings health care to materially impoverished regions of our world by engaging the most valuable resource in each village: the people themselves. Concern America’s Health Promoter Practitioner model, developed over the past 20 years and unparalleled in its quality of instruction and accessibility to individuals with little formal education, is a program that trains community-based health care providers whose resulting depth of knowledge, skills, and ability to provide health care, in their native languages, are comparable to the work of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the U.S.

With “Cómo Enseñar Sobre La Salud,” Concern America has created a comprehensive training program that any organization can use to train village health care providers throughout the world. The series of books employ the wisdom of Paulo Freire’s pedagogy, building on each student’s knowledge and understanding when teaching complicated medical concepts and procedures. There are 24 books in all and two levels of training: a teacher’s guide and a student handbook for each health care theme (e.g., Digestive System) taught over two years.

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