Since 2000, Concern America's Building Community Capacity for HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care Program, in Niassa, Mozambique is a collaboration with the Anglican Diocese of Niassa to organize village-based community responses to HIV and AIDS.  The ever expanding Equipas de Vida (Life Teams) provide support, prevention training, and accompaniment to community and church-based HIV and AIDS organizations and efforts to 44 communities throughout the Province.

This program currently serves a total population of 22,000 people, located along 150 kms of the shore of Lake Malawi and among the adjacent mountains.  Most communities are extremely isolated, have no road access, and can only be reached on foot or by boat.  For those that are not able to travel, a network of fieldworkers, who have extensive knowledge of the region and understand the cultural reality of the communities, bring medications to them monthly. The fieldworkers hike 300 km to visit the full program area.

Currently, there are more than 4,000 community members trained and working in their villages providing services for receiving antiretroviral therapy, nutrition programs, and prevention education.