Cómo Enseñar Sobre La Salud
"How to Teach Health"

Concern America brings health care to materially impoverished regions of our world by engaging the most valuable resource in each village: the people themselves. Concern America's Health Promoter Practitioner model, developed over the past 20 years and unparalleled in its quality of instruction and accessibility to individuals with little formal education, is a program that trains community-based health care providers whose resulting depth of knowledge, skills, and ability to provide health care, in their native languages, are comparable to the work of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the U.S.

With "Cómo Enseñar Sobre La Salud," Concern America has created a comprehensive training program that any organization can use to train village health care providers throughout the world. The series of books employs the wisdom of Paulo Freire’s pedagogy, building on each student’s knowledge and understanding when teaching complicated medical concepts and procedures. There are 35 books in all and three levels of training: a teacher’s guide and a student handbook for each health care theme (e.g., Digestive System) taught over three years.

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Time and Place as Grace:
Concern America, The First Forty Years, 1972 to 2012

With its establishment in 1972, Concern America has more than four decades of history to tell. "Time and Place as Grace" does just this as it captures the first 40 years of the organization's history, from a small organization started in Sacramento, California by two couples concerned about the suffering in West Africa, to a successful, transformative nonprofit that has crossed the globe. To date, Concern America has sent more than 300 field volunteers to 15 countries on four continents, accompanying more than two million people.

Author Marianne Loewe knows Concern America better than anyone having served with the organization since joining the Board in 1976, to her 33 years as Executive Director from 1979-2012. This 213-page chronicle of Concern America's history up through 2012 is filled with stories and snapshots of 40 years of transformation, not only of the organization, but of the communities where Concern America has worked.


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Stand-Alone Solar Energy:
Planning, sizing and installation of stand-alone photovoltaic systems

Oliver Style, author of these Solar Energy and Estufa Mejorada (Improved Stoves) books, was a Concern America field volunteer for many years and specialed in a variety of appropriate technologies from water systems and solar energy to stoves. His books are well written and illustrated, giving the user incredible tools for building solar energy systems and improved stoves, and all royalties support the work of Concern America.

What is a standalone photovoltaic system and how does it work? How many panels will I need to generate energy? What kind of batteries are going to work best? This self-contained book provides you with the tools to plan, size and install a standalone PV system, with numerous illustrations and worked examples to facilitate the learning process. You will be able to identify the components of an installation, select the most appropriate equipment, and design a low-power system, as well as learning about the installation, management and maintenance of off-grid systems to ensure they have a long working life.

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La Estufa Maya Petén:
Diseño y construcción de una estufa de leña para cocinar (spanish edition)

Alrededor de 2600 millones de personas en el mundo dependen de la leña para cocinar en el hogar. El humo que se produce en la cocina causa más de 1 millón de muertes al año. Una estufa de leña eficiente ofrece una solución de bajo coste, mejorando las condiciones de salud en el hogar. Este libro presenta los conceptos de diseño y los pasos para construir una estufa de leña eficiente con materiales de bajo coste. Aprenderás a identificar los componentes de una estufa, realizar la construcción y completar un ensayo de eficiencia térmica. Incluye lo esencial para poder realizar un proyecto con éxito, con numerosas ilustraciones para facilitar el aprendizaje.

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