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What People Are Saying About Concern America

Asthma Treatment in Guatemala
by Michael Gilbert, M.D.
Orange, California

“Both times I have traveled to Las Cruces, small moments help me remember the importance in the small details of patient care. I have learned to practice better medicine by observing the level of quality delivered at the Las Cruces Clinic.

"Eva, a Health Promoter Practitioner multiplier, was seeing a young fellow with a cough and a fever. She correctly diagnosed asthma, correctly prescribed the appropriate medications. This is extraordinary in itself, as she is a young local villager. That would have been the end of it for this patient had he been in the States. He would have gotten his prescription and been sent on his way.

"She took the next step [following the protocols used in the Health Promoter Practitioner training she received]. She cut off the top of a plastic coke bottle, carefully trimmed the edges, and taped these edges. She then taped the inhaler to the small end of the bottle, the end out of which one would drink. After constructing this “aero-chamber” she demonstrated its use to the boy and his mom, and had him demonstrate back to her its use. This attention to detail is the single most important factor in ensuring this child will improve. This is the essence of good medicine. This is the reason we need to support these people in their work.”


"In the face of all the demands on your time and your energy and your money, I hope that you give serious consideration to adopting a volunteer or supporting the work of Concern America. The simple fact of your active choice to reach out your hand to help others is one of the most powerfully positive acts imaginable."
~ Actor/Producer Mike Farrell

"It is a tradition within Judaism to be involved with ‘repairing the world' and to respond to the needs of anyone whose life is at risk. Inasmuch as Concern America fulfills this mandate in so many extraordinary ways, not only do I support this worthy cause but I urge peoples of all faith communities to further its efforts."
~ Rabbi Allen I. Freehling
University Synagogue
West Los Angeles, California

"I simply want to say - anyone who wants to be part of a program that is most effective in really enabling people to live dignified lives and to pull themselves out of the poverty and the difficulties and sometimes the political harassment in which they live - that Concern America is certainly foremost in doing that."
~ Bishop Sylvester D. Ryan
Diocese of Monterey, California