In Guatemala, each person, on average, throws away one pound of trash a day between organic and inorganic waste.

It is worrisome to realize that most of the things that we buy or take to our homes are much more garbage than the actual items we have purchased.

Previously, this critical situation was only seen in urban areas of cities, but nowadays, unfortunately, we see rural communities with a buildup of trash in homes, schools and in the community. Our rural communities have fallen into the lie of consumerism and forgotten our habits of good, nutrition. For this reason we are buying much more garbage in material things as well as processed foods.

In response, we have taken some actions as the Environmental Health team.

We believe that these environmental issues relate to our surroundings as well as our relationships between human beings and nature. Therefore, as an environmental health team, one of our focuses is environmental education with young people in the schools of several rural communities in our department of Petén. We coordinate this work with teachers, principals, community leaders, midwives, and health promoters.

What is a healthy environment?

Talking about health problems from too much trash

Environmental health workshop in community schools

What to do to avoid producing excess trash, including eating what we naturally produce in our own communities.

Short reflection during a workshop with health promoters about trash, recycling, and reducing consumption

Environmental health training with health promoters

Speaking with school children about environmental health

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